Asian Raleigh Restaurants: A Culinary Journey Through the Orient

Asian raleigh restaurants – Embark on a tantalizing gastronomic adventure through Raleigh’s vibrant Asian dining scene, where flavors from across the Orient converge to create an unforgettable culinary tapestry.

From authentic street food to upscale fine dining, Raleigh’s Asian restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines, each with its unique charm and culinary artistry.

Popular Asian Restaurants in Raleigh

Asian Raleigh Restaurants: A Culinary Journey Through the Orient

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a vibrant and diverse city with a thriving culinary scene. Asian cuisine is well-represented in Raleigh, with many popular restaurants serving a variety of dishes from different Asian countries.

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Here is a list of some of the most popular Asian restaurants in Raleigh:

Name Address Phone Website
Mandarin House 3309 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607 (919) 833-0888
Sushi O Sushi 3516 Wade Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607 (919) 890-7874
Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse 4110 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 872-1002
Thai House Restaurant 1120 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 851-9898
Himalayan Restaurant 1110 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 834-1784

Types of Asian Cuisine in Raleigh

Asian raleigh restaurants

Raleigh, North Carolina, boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering a wide range of Asian cuisines. From traditional Chinese dishes to authentic Japanese sushi, Raleigh has something to satisfy every palate.

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    Chinese Cuisine, Asian raleigh restaurants

  • Fortune Chinese Restaurant: Known for its extensive menu of classic Chinese dishes, including Peking duck, kung pao chicken, and Szechuan beef.
  • Panda Express: A popular chain restaurant offering a variety of Chinese-American dishes, such as orange chicken, fried rice, and lo mein.

    Japanese Cuisine

  • Sushi Oishi: A renowned sushi restaurant serving traditional nigiri, sashimi, and rolls made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Sapporo Japanese Restaurant: A family-owned restaurant specializing in authentic Japanese dishes, including ramen, tempura, and teriyaki.

    Thai Cuisine

  • Thai Cafe: A cozy restaurant offering a wide selection of Thai dishes, including pad thai, green curry, and mango sticky rice.
  • Thai House Raleigh: A popular spot for authentic Thai cuisine, known for its spicy dishes and flavorful soups.

    Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Pho Vietnam Restaurant: A family-run restaurant serving traditional Vietnamese dishes, including pho, banh mi, and spring rolls.
  • Saigon Cafe: A casual restaurant offering a variety of Vietnamese dishes, including vermicelli bowls, grilled pork, and pho.

    Korean Cuisine

  • Handi Korean BBQ: A popular Korean barbecue restaurant where diners can grill their own meats at their table.
  • Sura: A modern Korean restaurant serving contemporary dishes, such as kimchi pancakes, bibimbap, and Korean tacos.

Best Asian Restaurants for Different Occasions: Asian Raleigh Restaurants

Asian raleigh restaurants

Asian cuisine is renowned for its diversity and versatility, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or a business lunch, Raleigh offers an array of Asian restaurants that cater to your needs.

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Romantic Dinners

For a romantic evening, consider these Asian restaurants that offer an intimate ambiance and delectable dishes:

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Occasion Restaurant Name Description
Romantic Dinner Mizu A Japanese restaurant known for its elegant atmosphere and exquisite sushi and sashimi.
Romantic Dinner Mandarin A Chinese restaurant offering a romantic setting with dim lighting and traditional Chinese decor.
Romantic Dinner Zen A Thai restaurant with a cozy ambiance and a menu featuring authentic Thai dishes.

Family Gatherings

For family gatherings, these Asian restaurants offer a welcoming atmosphere and dishes that appeal to all ages:

Occasion Restaurant Name Description
Family Gathering Seoul Garden A Korean restaurant with a large dining area and a menu featuring a wide variety of Korean dishes.
Family Gathering Pho Hien A Vietnamese restaurant known for its spacious dining area and authentic Vietnamese dishes.
Family Gathering Hibachi Express A Japanese restaurant offering a lively atmosphere and a menu featuring teppanyaki-style dishes.

Business Lunches

For business lunches, these Asian restaurants provide a professional ambiance and dishes that are both delicious and convenient:

Occasion Restaurant Name Description
Business Lunch Pei Wei A Chinese restaurant with a modern ambiance and a menu featuring customizable dishes.
Business Lunch Noodle Blvd A Vietnamese restaurant offering a casual atmosphere and a menu featuring a variety of noodle dishes.
Business Lunch Oishi A Japanese restaurant with a sleek ambiance and a menu featuring sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes.

Unique Asian Dishes in Raleigh

Asian raleigh restaurants

Raleigh, the vibrant capital of North Carolina, is home to a diverse culinary scene that includes a wide array of authentic Asian cuisine. Among the many exceptional dishes available, some stand out for their unique flavors and ingredients, offering a taste of the rich culinary traditions of Asia.

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These unique dishes showcase the creativity and skill of Raleigh’s Asian chefs, who have adapted traditional recipes to suit local tastes while preserving the essence of their culinary heritage. Here are a few of the must-try unique Asian dishes that can be found in Raleigh:

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Spicy Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles

  • A fiery and flavorful noodle dish from the Sichuan province of China, featuring hand-pulled noodles tossed in a spicy sauce made with chili oil, fermented black beans, and ground pork.
  • The noodles are topped with a variety of ingredients, including scallions, peanuts, and pickled mustard greens, adding layers of texture and flavor.

Khao Soi

  • A comforting and flavorful noodle soup from northern Thailand, featuring egg noodles in a rich coconut-based broth.
  • The soup is typically topped with crispy fried shallots, pickled cabbage, and a squeeze of lime, creating a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavors.

Pad Prik King

  • A stir-fried noodle dish from Thailand, featuring flat rice noodles tossed in a savory sauce made with chili paste, oyster sauce, and a variety of vegetables.
  • The dish is often served with crispy pork belly or tofu, adding a satisfying crunch and umami flavor.


  • A savory Japanese pancake made with a batter of flour, eggs, and cabbage.
  • The pancake is cooked on a griddle and topped with a variety of ingredients, such as pork belly, seafood, or vegetables.
  • Okonomiyaki is often served with a drizzle of okonomiyaki sauce, a sweet and tangy sauce similar to Worcestershire sauce.

Final Thoughts

Asian raleigh restaurants

Whether you’re craving the fiery heat of Szechuan cuisine, the delicate flavors of sushi, or the comforting warmth of a steaming bowl of pho, Raleigh’s Asian restaurants promise an unforgettable culinary experience that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Asia.

FAQ Section

What are the most popular Asian restaurants in Raleigh?

Some of the most popular Asian restaurants in Raleigh include: Bida Manda, Handi Indian Cuisine, and Yamazushi.

What types of Asian cuisine are available in Raleigh?

Raleigh offers a wide variety of Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean.

What are the best Asian restaurants for special occasions?

For a romantic dinner, consider Sushi Yasaka or Zen Asian Bistro. For a family gathering, try Bida Manda or Yamazushi. For a business lunch, opt for Handi Indian Cuisine or The Green Papaya.