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Pickleball Paradise: Explore the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts

Posted at July 8th, 2024 | Categorised in Pickleball
Pickleball Paradise: Explore the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts

Welcome to the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts, where the thrill of the game meets the tranquility of nature. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, these courts offer a perfect escape for pickleball enthusiasts of all levels.

With state-of-the-art amenities and a vibrant community, the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts are a hub for both recreation and socialization. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your pickleball journey, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy this exhilarating sport.

Overview of Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts

The Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, adjacent to the Lake Nokomis Community Center. The courts are open to the public from dawn to dusk, and there is no fee to play. Reservations are not required, but they are recommended during peak hours.

Court Amenities, Lake nokomis pickleball courts

The Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts feature eight dedicated pickleball courts with permanent nets and painted lines. The courts are well-lit and have a smooth, even surface. There are also benches and tables available for use by players.

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Court Availability

The Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts are typically open to the public from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. However, the courts may be closed for maintenance or special events. It is always best to check the court availability online or by calling the Lake Nokomis Community Center before heading to the courts.

Court Fees

There is no fee to play pickleball at the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts. However, there is a $5 daily parking fee for vehicles parked in the Lake Nokomis Community Center parking lot.

Features and Amenities

Lake nokomis pickleball courts

Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts offers a range of features and amenities to enhance the playing experience.


The facility boasts six dedicated pickleball courts, providing ample space for players of all skill levels. These courts are regulation-sized and feature durable surfaces designed for optimal ball bounce and player comfort.


For evening play, the courts are equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems. These lights ensure visibility and allow players to enjoy games well into the night.

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Seating and Shade Structures

Comfortable seating areas are available for spectators and players to relax and socialize. Additionally, shade structures provide respite from the sun during hot weather, allowing for extended play sessions.

Additional Amenities

The facility also includes restrooms and water fountains for convenience. Picnic areas nearby offer a space for players and visitors to enjoy refreshments and socialize after games.

Pickleball Community and Events: Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts

Lake nokomis pickleball courts

Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts foster a vibrant pickleball community, providing ample opportunities for players to connect, compete, and socialize.

Organized groups and leagues cater to players of all skill levels, offering structured play and friendly competition. Regular events, tournaments, and clinics attract enthusiasts from near and far, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

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Regular Events and Tournaments

  • Weekly open play sessions allow players to drop in and enjoy casual games with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Monthly tournaments offer competitive play for those seeking a challenge, with divisions for different skill levels.
  • Seasonal clinics provide instruction and guidance for players looking to improve their skills or learn the basics.

Socializing and Networking

Beyond the courts, the pickleball community at Lake Nokomis extends to social gatherings and events. Players often organize potlucks, barbecues, and other social activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion.

Court Etiquette and Rules

Lake nokomis pickleball courts

Playing pickleball at Lake Nokomis requires adherence to basic rules and etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The courts have specific regulations in place to maintain a harmonious and respectful environment.

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Before stepping onto the court, it is essential to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. This includes understanding the fundamentals of pickleball, such as serving, returning, and volleying, as well as respecting the boundaries of the court and the space of other players.

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Court Regulations

  • Court Boundaries:The pickleball courts at Lake Nokomis are designated by painted lines. Players must stay within the boundaries during gameplay.
  • Net Height:The net is set at a height of 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches in the center.
  • Serving Rules:The serve must be underhanded and hit diagonally across the net. The server must have one foot behind the baseline.
  • Double Bounce Rule:The ball must bounce once on each side of the net before a volley can be played.
  • No Overhead Smashing:Overhead smashing is not permitted on the courts.

Etiquette Guidelines

  • Respect Your Opponents:Treat your opponents with respect, regardless of their skill level or the outcome of the game.
  • Call Your Own Lines:Players are responsible for calling their own lines. If a ball lands on the line, it is considered “in.”
  • Be Courteous:Avoid excessive noise or distractions that may disrupt other players.
  • Share the Court:If there are multiple groups waiting to play, share the court by playing a game to 11 or 15 points.
  • Clean Up After Yourself:Help keep the courts clean by picking up any trash or used balls.

By following these rules and etiquette guidelines, players can contribute to a positive and enjoyable pickleball experience at Lake Nokomis.

Local Attractions and Activities

Lake nokomis pickleball courts

Lake Nokomis is nestled within a vibrant neighborhood, offering a plethora of attractions and activities to complement your pickleball experience.

Combining pickleball with other pursuits is effortless in this area. Whether you seek tranquility in nature, culinary delights, or cultural immersion, the vicinity has much to offer.

Nearby Parks and Trails

  • Lake Nokomis Park:Surrounding the courts, this picturesque park boasts a 2.5-mile paved trail, perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride after your game.
  • Minnehaha Park:A short drive away, this expansive park features the iconic Minnehaha Falls, hiking trails, and a scenic riverfront path.
  • Theodore Wirth Park:Home to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, this sprawling park offers miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as cross-country skiing in the winter.
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Dining Options

  • The Lynhall:Just steps from the courts, this cozy pub serves up delicious burgers, sandwiches, and salads.
  • Nokomis Beach Cafe:Located on the shores of Lake Nokomis, this seasonal cafe offers a delightful menu of sandwiches, salads, and ice cream.
  • Salut Bar Americain:A short drive away, this upscale restaurant serves contemporary American cuisine in a chic and inviting atmosphere.

Cultural Attractions

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art:Renowned for its extensive collection of art from around the world, this museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
  • Walker Art Center:Showcasing contemporary and modern art, this museum features thought-provoking exhibitions and a lively calendar of events.
  • Guthrie Theater:Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, this acclaimed theater company stages a diverse repertoire of plays and musicals.


Lake nokomis pickleball courts

As the sun sets on Lake Nokomis, the pickleball courts come alive with the laughter and camaraderie of players. The courts have become more than just a place to play; they’re a gathering place for friends, families, and neighbors to connect and create lasting memories.

So grab your paddles and head to the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts. Let the rhythmic sound of the ball fill the air as you immerse yourself in the joy of this captivating game.

FAQ Section

Are the courts open to the public?

Yes, the Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts are open to the public during designated hours.

Is there a fee to use the courts?

No, there is no fee to use the courts.

Are there any organized pickleball groups or leagues?

Yes, there are several organized pickleball groups and leagues that play at the courts. Contact the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board for more information.

What are the court rules and etiquette?

The Lake Nokomis Pickleball Courts follow the general rules and etiquette of pickleball. Be respectful of other players, call your shots clearly, and avoid unsportsmanlike conduct.

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