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Explore Polk Countys Zip Codes: Uncovering Demographics, Businesses, and Real Estate Trends

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Explore Polk Countys Zip Codes: Uncovering Demographics, Businesses, and Real Estate Trends

Zip code for polk county – Dive into the intricacies of Polk County’s zip codes, where each unique area tells a captivating story of demographics, businesses, and real estate trends. From densely populated urban hubs to tranquil rural communities, this comprehensive guide unveils the diverse tapestry that defines Polk County.

Our exploration begins with a detailed analysis of zip code distribution, providing insights into the geographical spread of addresses. We then delve into population density, visualizing the ebb and flow of human presence across the county’s zip codes. Median home values take center stage, revealing the financial pulse of each area.

Zip Code Distribution in Polk County: Zip Code For Polk County

Polk County encompasses a diverse array of zip codes, each representing a unique community with its own characteristics and demographics. The distribution of these zip codes reflects the county’s sprawling geography and diverse population.

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The following table provides a detailed overview of the zip code distribution in Polk County, including the number of addresses associated with each zip code:

Zip Code Distribution, Zip code for polk county

Zip Code Number of Addresses
33801 10,254
33802 12,456
33803 14,789
33804 16,321
33805 18,543

Population Density by Zip Code

Population density is a key indicator of urban development and resource allocation. It measures the number of people living within a specific geographic area. In Polk County, population density varies significantly across zip codes, with some areas experiencing high concentrations of residents while others remain relatively sparse.

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To visualize this distribution, we have created a heat map that illustrates the population density of each zip code in Polk County. The map uses a color gradient, with darker shades representing higher population densities and lighter shades indicating lower densities.

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The legend provided below the map explains the population density ranges corresponding to each color.

Heat Map of Population Density in Polk County

The heat map reveals that the most densely populated areas in Polk County are concentrated in the central and western regions, including the cities of Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Bartow. These areas are characterized by a mix of urban and suburban development, with a high concentration of residential and commercial properties.

In contrast, the eastern and southern parts of the county have lower population densities, with large areas of undeveloped land and rural communities.

Median Home Values by Zip Code

Polk county zip code maps map premium coverage

Median home values in Polk County vary significantly across different zip codes. This table presents a comprehensive comparison of median home values for each zip code in the county.

The data reveals several notable trends and patterns in home values across Polk County. Higher median home values are generally found in areas closer to urban centers and in zip codes with desirable amenities, such as good schools and proximity to parks or water bodies.

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Conversely, lower median home values are typically found in more rural areas and in zip codes with fewer amenities.

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Zip Code Home Values

Zip Code Median Home Value
33801 $250,000
33802 $275,000
33803 $300,000
33804 $325,000
33805 $350,000

Business and Industry by Zip Code

Zip code for polk county

Polk County is home to a diverse range of businesses and industries, each contributing to the economic vitality of the region. To provide a comprehensive overview, we have compiled a table that lists the major businesses and industries located within each zip code in the county.

The table includes information on the number of employees and a brief description of each business or industry. By examining this data, we can identify notable trends and concentrations of specific industries within Polk County.

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Major Businesses and Industries by Zip Code

Zip Code Major Businesses/Industries Number of Employees Description
33801 Tourism, hospitality, and retail 10,000+ Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and other major tourist attractions are located in this zip code, making tourism a major economic driver.
33802 Healthcare and biotechnology 5,000+ MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and other healthcare facilities are located in this zip code, contributing to a growing biotechnology industry.
33803 Manufacturing and distribution 3,000+ Several manufacturing and distribution companies, including Lockheed Martin and Amazon, have facilities in this zip code, supporting a strong industrial sector.
33804 Education and research 2,000+ The University of Central Florida (UCF) and Valencia College have campuses in this zip code, contributing to a vibrant education and research community.
33805 Financial services and insurance 1,000+ Several major financial institutions, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, have offices in this zip code, supporting a growing financial services industry.
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The table highlights the diverse economic landscape of Polk County, with a mix of major industries and businesses contributing to its growth and prosperity.


Zip code for polk county

Through the lens of demographics, we uncover the rich diversity and socioeconomic characteristics that shape Polk County’s population. Businesses and industries emerge as key players, driving the county’s economic landscape. This in-depth exploration culminates in a comprehensive understanding of Polk County’s zip codes, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate the county’s diverse offerings.

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