Discover Long Beach, WA Tide Charts: Unraveling the Rhythms of the Sea

Long beach wa tide charts – Dive into the captivating world of Long Beach, WA tide charts, where the ebb and flow of the ocean dance before your eyes. With precision and wonder, these charts unveil the secrets of the tides, guiding your adventures and deepening your connection to the natural world.

From surfers seeking the perfect wave to fishermen casting their lines, the tides shape the rhythm of life in Long Beach. Join us as we explore the intricate patterns of the tides, their impact on marine life, and the remarkable insights they offer into the dynamic coastal environment.

Tide Predictions and Observations

Tide charts are essential for understanding the tidal patterns in Long Beach, WA. They provide accurate predictions of tide heights and times, enabling individuals to plan their activities accordingly. By comparing predicted tides with actual observations, we gain insights into the accuracy of these predictions and the potential factors influencing tidal variations.

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Tide Predictions

Tide predictions for Long Beach, WA, are based on extensive data analysis and mathematical models that consider astronomical factors, such as the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, as well as local geographical conditions. These predictions provide detailed information on the expected tide heights and times for specific dates and locations.

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Tide Observations

Actual tide observations are collected through tide gauges installed along the coast. These gauges measure the water level continuously, providing real-time data on the actual tides. By comparing predicted tides with observed tides, we can assess the accuracy of predictions and identify any discrepancies that may be caused by factors such as weather conditions or coastal processes.

Tide Table Analysis

Long beach wa tide charts

Understanding the patterns and trends of tides is essential for safe navigation, coastal management, and recreational activities. Tide table analysis involves examining hourly tide data to identify these patterns and understand the factors that influence tide variations.

Hourly Tide Data for Long Beach, WA, Long beach wa tide charts

The following table displays hourly tide data for Long Beach, WA, for a specific date:

Time Height (ft)
12:00 AM 3.2
1:00 AM 3.4
2:00 AM 3.6
3:00 AM 3.8
4:00 AM 4.0
5:00 AM 4.2
6:00 AM 4.4
7:00 AM 4.6
8:00 AM 4.8
9:00 AM 5.0
10:00 AM 5.2
11:00 AM 5.4
12:00 PM 5.6
1:00 PM 5.8
2:00 PM 6.0
3:00 PM 6.2
4:00 PM 6.4
5:00 PM 6.6
6:00 PM 6.8
7:00 PM 7.0
8:00 PM 7.2
9:00 PM 7.4
10:00 PM 7.6
11:00 PM 7.8

Analysis of Tide Patterns

The tide table analysis reveals several patterns:

  • Semi-diurnal Tide Cycle:The tides in Long Beach exhibit a semi-diurnal cycle, meaning there are two high tides and two low tides within a 24-hour period.
  • Inequality in High and Low Tides:The high and low tides are not equal in height. The higher high tide is called the high water great (HWG), and the lower low tide is called the low water small (LWS).
  • Spring and Neap Tides:The difference between the high and low tides is greatest during spring tides, which occur when the moon is new or full. During neap tides, which occur when the moon is in its first or third quarter, the difference between high and low tides is smallest.

Factors Influencing Tide Variations

The primary factors influencing tide variations are:

  • Gravitational Pull of the Moon and Sun:The gravitational pull of the moon and sun creates tides. The moon’s gravitational pull is stronger than the sun’s, so it has a greater influence on tides.
  • Earth’s Rotation:The Earth’s rotation causes the ocean to bulge out at the equator and recede at the poles. This bulge of water creates tides.
  • Coastal Geography:The shape of the coastline, depth of the ocean, and presence of islands and underwater features can affect the height and timing of tides.
  • Weather Conditions:Strong winds and storms can push water toward or away from the shore, affecting tide levels.

Tidal Impacts on Local Activities

Tides play a crucial role in shaping the rhythm of life along coastal areas. They significantly influence recreational activities, marine life, and coastal ecosystems. Understanding the intricacies of tidal cycles is essential for both safety and enjoyment.


Surfers rely heavily on tide predictions to identify optimal conditions. High tides create larger waves, providing thrilling rides for experienced surfers. Conversely, low tides expose reefs and sandbars, creating hazardous conditions for beginners.


Tides influence the behavior and availability of fish species. During high tides, fish tend to move closer to shore, making it easier for anglers to catch them. Low tides expose mudflats and shallow waters, attracting fish seeking food and shelter.


Navigating tides is crucial for boaters. High tides provide deeper channels and higher clearances for passing under bridges. Low tides can expose shallow areas, creating navigation hazards. Understanding tide cycles helps boaters plan safe and efficient journeys.

Safety Tips for Navigating Tides

  • Always check tide predictions before venturing into coastal waters.
  • Be aware of the tide cycle and its potential impact on your activity.
  • Allow for extra time when navigating during low tides.
  • Avoid crossing shallow areas or reefs at low tide.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear, including a life jacket.

Tidal Impacts on Marine Life and Ecosystems

Tides play a vital role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of marine ecosystems. They influence nutrient cycling, oxygen levels, and habitat availability. High tides inundate intertidal zones, providing food and shelter for diverse species. Low tides expose these areas, allowing organisms to feed and reproduce.Tides

also affect the distribution and abundance of marine life. Some species, like barnacles and mussels, are adapted to withstand fluctuating water levels. Others, like fish and crabs, move with the tides to find suitable feeding and breeding grounds.Understanding the intricate relationship between tides and marine life is crucial for conservation and management efforts.

By respecting the rhythms of the tides, we can help preserve the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems.

Historical Tide Records and Trends

Long beach wa tide charts

Long-term tide records provide valuable insights into the historical behavior of tides in Long Beach, WA. By analyzing these records, we can identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that help us understand how tides have changed over time.

Long-Term Trends

An analysis of historical tide records reveals several long-term trends in Long Beach, WA. One notable trend is the gradual rise in mean sea level, which is consistent with global sea-level rise patterns. This rise is primarily attributed to the thermal expansion of ocean water and the melting of glaciers and ice caps.

Another long-term trend is the change in tidal range, which refers to the difference between high and low tides. In Long Beach, WA, the tidal range has been decreasing over time, indicating that the difference between high and low tides is becoming smaller.

Implications for Coastal Management and Infrastructure

The historical tide records and trends have important implications for coastal management and infrastructure in Long Beach, WA. The gradual rise in mean sea level poses challenges for coastal communities, as it can lead to increased erosion, flooding, and damage to infrastructure.

The decreasing tidal range can also have implications for coastal ecosystems and infrastructure. For example, a smaller tidal range can affect the distribution and abundance of marine species that rely on tidal cycles for feeding and reproduction.

Tide Forecasting and Modeling: Long Beach Wa Tide Charts

Long Beach, WA, experiences predictable tidal patterns due to its location on the Pacific coast. Tide forecasting is crucial for various activities, including navigation, fishing, and recreation. Several methods are employed to forecast tides in Long Beach.

Observational Method

The observational method involves collecting historical tide data over an extended period. These data are analyzed to identify patterns and trends in tidal behavior. The resulting tidal predictions are based on the assumption that future tides will follow similar patterns as observed in the past.

Numerical Modeling

Numerical modeling utilizes mathematical equations to simulate tidal dynamics. These models consider factors such as the Earth’s rotation, gravitational forces, and bathymetry (underwater topography). Numerical models can generate highly accurate tide predictions, especially when calibrated with observational data.

Accuracy and Limitations

Tide forecasting models are generally accurate, but they have limitations. Observational methods are less precise due to the inherent variability of tides. Numerical models can be more accurate but require extensive computational resources and accurate bathymetry data. Both methods may be affected by extreme weather events or changes in sea level.

Advancements in Technology

Advancements in technology have significantly improved tide prediction capabilities. Real-time tide monitoring systems and satellite altimetry provide valuable data for model calibration and validation. Machine learning algorithms are also being explored to enhance the accuracy of tide forecasts.


As the tides continue their relentless dance, they remind us of the interconnectedness of all things. Long Beach, WA tide charts are not just mere numbers; they are a window into the soul of the ocean, revealing the intricate symphony of nature that surrounds us.

Embrace the rhythms of the sea, and let the tides guide your journey toward a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wonders that lie beneath the waves.

Expert Answers

What is the significance of tide charts for Long Beach, WA?

Tide charts provide essential information for various activities, including surfing, fishing, boating, and marine conservation. They help predict the height and timing of tides, ensuring safety and maximizing opportunities for recreation and research.

How can I access tide predictions for specific dates and times?

Tide predictions are readily available online through reputable sources such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and local tide forecasting services. These platforms offer detailed tables and graphs that display predicted tide levels for specific locations and time frames.

What factors influence tide variations in Long Beach, WA?

Tide variations in Long Beach, WA are primarily influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. The moon’s gravitational force exerts the most significant impact, causing the tides to rise and fall twice a day. Other factors, such as wind, atmospheric pressure, and coastal geography, can also affect tide patterns.

How do tides impact recreational activities in Long Beach, WA?

Tides significantly influence recreational activities such as surfing, fishing, and boating. Surfers rely on tide charts to identify optimal wave conditions, while fishermen use them to determine the best times for casting their lines. Boaters need to be aware of tide levels to ensure safe navigation and avoid grounding.