Long Lake Marina: Your Gateway to Boating Bliss

Nestled on the tranquil shores of Long Lake, Long Lake Marina beckons boaters, anglers, and nature enthusiasts alike. With its pristine waters, modern amenities, and a calendar packed with exciting events, this vibrant marina is the ultimate destination for unforgettable aquatic adventures.

From leisurely cruises to thrilling fishing expeditions, Long Lake Marina offers a world of possibilities. Its well-maintained boat slips, convenient rentals, and secure storage options cater to boaters of all levels. As you set sail from the marina’s docks, a breathtaking panorama of natural beauty unfolds before your eyes.

Marina Overview

Long Lake Marina is a full-service marina located on the beautiful Long Lake in the heart of the Northwoods. The marina has been serving boaters for over 50 years and offers a wide range of amenities and services to make your boating experience enjoyable.

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The marina is located on the north shore of Long Lake, just off of Highway 70. It is easily accessible from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The marina has a large, protected harbor with over 300 boat slips available for rent.

The slips can accommodate boats of all sizes, from small fishing boats to large yachts.

Amenities and Services

Long Lake Marina offers a wide range of amenities and services to make your boating experience enjoyable. These include:

  • A full-service fuel dock with gasoline and diesel fuel
  • A pump-out station
  • A fish cleaning station
  • A boat launch
  • A swimming pool
  • A playground
  • A picnic area
  • A camp store
  • A restaurant

Boat Slips, Rentals, and Storage

Long Lake Marina offers a variety of boat slip options to meet your needs. These include:

  • Seasonal slips
  • Transient slips
  • Covered slips
  • Uncovered slips

The marina also offers a variety of boat rentals, including pontoon boats, fishing boats, and jet skis. In addition, the marina offers winter storage for boats of all sizes.

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Local Attractions

Long lake marina

Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, Long Lake Marina is surrounded by a plethora of local attractions that cater to every taste and preference. From pristine beaches and lush parks to delectable dining options and unique landmarks, the area offers an array of experiences that complement the serene ambiance of the marina.

The natural splendor of the region is undeniable. Long Lake itself beckons with its crystal-clear waters, inviting visitors to embark on kayaking, paddleboarding, or fishing adventures. Its serene shores provide a picturesque backdrop for leisurely strolls or relaxing picnics, allowing guests to soak in the tranquility of the surroundings.


A short drive away, visitors can bask in the sun’s embrace on the golden sands of nearby beaches. Whether seeking solace in the gentle waves or indulging in thrilling water sports, there’s a beach to suit every desire. Families can enjoy the shallow waters and gentle slopes of Sunset Beach, while adventure enthusiasts will find solace at the windswept shores of Kite Beach, where kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts take to the skies.

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For those seeking respite from the sun, Long Lake Marina is surrounded by verdant parks that offer a tranquil escape. The sprawling lawns of Lakeside Park provide ample space for frisbee games, picnics, or simply relaxing beneath the shade of towering trees.

For a more adventurous experience, venture into the trails of Willow Creek Park, where hikers and bikers can explore the area’s natural beauty.


When hunger strikes, Long Lake Marina is within easy reach of a diverse culinary scene. From casual cafes to fine dining establishments, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The charming ambiance of The Lake House invites diners to savor delectable seafood dishes while enjoying stunning lake views.

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For a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, Trattoria Bella offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


History buffs and architecture enthusiasts will find much to admire in the vicinity of Long Lake Marina. The historic Willow Creek Bridge, built in the 19th century, stands as a testament to the area’s rich past. Its intricate ironwork and graceful arches make it a popular destination for photographers and history lovers alike.

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Boating and Fishing

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Long Lake Marina offers an array of boating and fishing opportunities for enthusiasts of all levels. Navigate the pristine waters, explore hidden coves, and cast a line for a rewarding catch.

Boating Routes

Embark on a leisurely cruise along the scenic shoreline, taking in the panoramic views of the lake’s forested banks and majestic mountains. For a more adventurous excursion, venture into the vast expanse of the lake, discovering secluded islands and hidden bays.

Fishing Spots

Long Lake is renowned for its abundant fish population, attracting anglers seeking a thrilling experience. Cast your line in designated fishing areas and try your luck at catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and walleye. The lake’s crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility, making it easier to spot and hook your target.

Tips and Techniques

To enhance your boating and fishing experience, consider the following tips:

  • Check the weather forecast before heading out to ensure favorable conditions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the lake’s navigation charts and depth contours to avoid hazards.
  • Respect other boaters and observe proper boating etiquette.
  • Use appropriate bait and lures based on the species you’re targeting.
  • Practice catch-and-release to preserve the lake’s ecosystem.

Regulations and Restrictions, Long lake marina

To ensure the safety and sustainability of Long Lake, certain regulations and restrictions apply to boating and fishing activities:

  • Boaters must adhere to speed limits and designated no-wake zones.
  • Fishing licenses are required for all anglers.
  • Certain areas may have seasonal closures or restrictions on fishing methods.
  • It is prohibited to litter or discharge waste into the lake.

Events and Activities

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Long Lake Marina is a hub for both on-water and land-based events and activities throughout the year. The marina is actively involved in the local community, hosting a variety of events that bring people together.

Some of the upcoming events and activities at Long Lake Marina include:

Concerts and Festivals

  • Live music concerts featuring local and regional bands
  • Food and craft festivals showcasing local vendors
  • Holiday events, such as a Christmas boat parade and fireworks display

Races and Competitions

  • Sailing regattas for all skill levels
  • Powerboat races featuring high-performance boats
  • Fishing tournaments with cash prizes and awards

Community Involvement

Long Lake Marina is committed to giving back to the local community. The marina supports various charitable organizations and hosts events that benefit local causes.

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Special Events and Promotions

Throughout the year, Long Lake Marina offers special events and promotions for its members and guests. These events may include:

  • Free boat safety classes
  • Discounts on boat rentals and services
  • Exclusive access to members-only events

Local Businesses

Long lake marina

Long Lake Marina is conveniently located near a variety of local businesses, making it easy to stock up on supplies, grab a bite to eat, or find some entertainment during your stay. Here is a table listing some of the most popular local businesses near the marina, organized into categories for easy navigation:


Name Contact Website Description
Long Lake Cafe (555) 123-4567 www.longlakecafe.com Casual dining with a focus on seafood and American cuisine.
The Boathouse (555) 234-5678 www.theboathouse.net Upscale dining with a beautiful view of Long Lake.
Pizza Palace (555) 345-6789 www.pizzapalace.org Family-friendly pizzeria with a wide variety of pizzas, pasta, and salads.


Name Contact Website Description
Long Lake Marine Supply (555) 456-7890 www.longlakemarine.com Sells a variety of boating supplies, including parts, accessories, and fuel.
The Tackle Box (555) 567-8901 www.thetacklebox.net Sells fishing supplies, including rods, reels, bait, and lures.
Long Lake Gifts and Souvenirs (555) 678-9012 www.longlakegifts.com Sells a variety of Long Lake-themed gifts and souvenirs, including t-shirts, mugs, and postcards.


Name Contact Website Description
Long Lake State Park (555) 789-0123 www.longlakestatepark.org Features hiking trails, swimming beaches, and a campground.
Long Lake Golf Course (555) 890-1234 www.longlakegolfcourse.com Offers an 18-hole golf course with stunning views of Long Lake.
Long Lake Aquarium (555) 901-2345 www.longlakeaquarium.net Features a variety of marine life exhibits, including fish, sharks, and sea turtles.


Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time visitor, Long Lake Marina promises an exceptional experience. Its commitment to providing unparalleled amenities, fostering a welcoming community, and preserving the pristine beauty of Long Lake makes it a true haven for water enthusiasts.

As the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the marina, you’ll find yourself yearning to return to this enchanting destination time and time again.

Commonly Asked Questions: Long Lake Marina

What types of boat slips are available at Long Lake Marina?

Long Lake Marina offers a range of boat slips to accommodate vessels of various sizes, including standard slips, covered slips, and floating slips.

Can I rent a boat at the marina?

Yes, Long Lake Marina provides a fleet of well-maintained rental boats, including pontoons, fishing boats, and kayaks.

Are there any fishing regulations or restrictions in the area?

Yes, there are specific fishing regulations and restrictions in place for Long Lake. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these regulations before casting your line.