Pelican Isle: Fort Walton Beach’s Exclusive Coastal Paradise

Pelican isle fort walton beach – Welcome to Pelican Isle, Fort Walton Beach’s crown jewel, where luxury living meets coastal bliss. Embark on a journey through this exclusive island paradise, where every day feels like a vacation and the amenities are beyond compare.

Nestled amidst the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Pelican Isle boasts a rich history, stunning geographical features, and a thriving community. From its pristine private beach to its world-class golf course, Pelican Isle offers an unparalleled lifestyle that caters to every desire.

Overview of Pelican Isle, Fort Walton Beach

Pelican Isle is a stunning man-made island nestled in the heart of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. With its pristine beaches, world-class amenities, and vibrant community, it has become a sought-after destination for both vacationers and residents alike.

Pelican Isle was originally constructed in the 1960s and has since undergone significant development, transforming it into the luxurious oasis it is today. The island is situated at the western end of Santa Rosa Island, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding coastal landscape.

Community and Amenities

Pelican Isle boasts a vibrant community with a wide range of amenities to cater to its residents and visitors. The island features lush landscaping, tranquil walking trails, and a private beach club with exclusive access to sugar-white sands and crystal-clear waters.

The community also offers a variety of dining options, from casual beachfront eateries to upscale restaurants. There are also several shops, boutiques, and art galleries, providing a delightful shopping experience for those seeking unique treasures.

Pelican Isle Real Estate Market

Pelican Isle boasts a thriving real estate market with a diverse range of properties catering to various lifestyles and budgets. From luxury waterfront mansions to cozy condos, there’s something for every discerning homebuyer on this exclusive island.

The median home price on Pelican Isle stands at an impressive $1.2 million, reflecting the high demand for properties in this sought-after location. However, the market offers a wide price range, with options starting from around $500,000 for condos and townhomes to multi-million dollar estates.

Luxury Homes and Waterfront Properties, Pelican isle fort walton beach

Pelican Isle is renowned for its exceptional luxury homes and waterfront properties. These opulent residences offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, private beach access, and state-of-the-art amenities. Waterfront properties command a premium, with prices typically ranging from $2 million to $10 million and beyond.

Luxury homes on Pelican Isle feature spacious floor plans, gourmet kitchens, grand living areas, and outdoor terraces perfect for entertaining. Many properties also boast private pools, boat docks, and lush landscaping, creating a true oasis of comfort and exclusivity.

Pelican Isle Amenities and Attractions

Pelican isle fort walton beach

Pelican Isle boasts an array of exceptional amenities and attractions that cater to every lifestyle and interest. From the exclusive private beach and state-of-the-art marina to the community center and sports facilities, Pelican Isle residents enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

Private Beach

Pelican Isle’s pristine private beach offers a tranquil oasis for residents. The soft, white sands and crystal-clear waters provide the perfect setting for sunbathing, swimming, or simply enjoying the breathtaking views.


The full-service marina offers secure boat slips and a wide range of services for boaters. Whether you enjoy fishing, sailing, or simply cruising the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Pelican Isle’s marina has everything you need.

Community Center

The community center is the heart of Pelican Isle’s social scene. It features a spacious ballroom, a fitness center, a game room, and a library. Residents can participate in a variety of organized activities, clubs, and events throughout the year.

Golf Course

Pelican Isle’s championship golf course is a challenging and scenic 18-hole layout designed by renowned golf course architect Tom Fazio. The course features lush fairways, undulating greens, and stunning water hazards.

Tennis Courts

The community also offers eight lighted tennis courts, perfect for a friendly game or a competitive match. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Pelican Isle’s tennis courts are a great place to enjoy the sport.

Other Sports Facilities

In addition to the golf course and tennis courts, Pelican Isle also offers a variety of other sports facilities, including a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a playground. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Pelican Isle.

Pelican Isle Lifestyle

Pelican isle fort walton beach

Pelican Isle exudes an atmosphere of exclusivity and tranquility, where residents revel in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends luxury and coastal charm. The community fosters a strong sense of belonging, with neighbors actively engaging in social events and activities that cater to diverse interests.The

Pelican Isle Yacht Club serves as the social hub of the island, hosting an array of events throughout the year. From elegant dinner parties to lively cocktail receptions, there’s always something to entice residents. The club also offers a variety of recreational amenities, including a fitness center, tennis courts, and a heated swimming pool.

Community Demographics

The Pelican Isle community comprises a diverse mix of residents, including families, retirees, and professionals. Many residents are drawn to the island’s serene environment and the opportunity to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. The community is also home to a significant number of boat enthusiasts, who appreciate the island’s convenient access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Pelican Isle Investment Opportunities

Pelican Isle offers a unique blend of luxury living, pristine beaches, and exceptional investment opportunities. With its desirable location and thriving economy, the island presents investors with a chance to capitalize on the lucrative real estate market and explore various investment avenues.

Rental Market and Vacation Rental Income

Pelican Isle’s vibrant rental market offers substantial income potential. The island’s high demand for vacation rentals, coupled with its year-round tourist influx, creates a lucrative opportunity for investors to generate passive income. Vacation rentals can yield significant returns, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Ending Remarks

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious vacation home, a permanent residence, or an investment opportunity, Pelican Isle presents endless possibilities. Its vibrant community, exceptional amenities, and breathtaking surroundings make it the perfect destination for those who value the finer things in life.

FAQ Resource: Pelican Isle Fort Walton Beach

What is the history of Pelican Isle?

Pelican Isle was once a private island owned by the Cessna family. In the 1980s, it was developed into an exclusive residential community.

What types of properties are available on Pelican Isle?

Pelican Isle offers a wide range of properties, including single-family homes, townhomes, and luxury condos. Many properties feature waterfront views and private balconies or patios.

What amenities are available to residents of Pelican Isle?

Pelican Isle residents enjoy access to a private beach, marina, community center, golf course, tennis courts, and fitness center. The island also has a variety of social clubs and activities.