Pirateland Camping Resort South Kings Highway Myrtle Beach Sc

Pirateland camping resort south kings highway myrtle beach sc – Prepare to set sail for adventure at PirateLand Camping Resort, a swashbuckling paradise located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Immerse yourself in a world of pirate lore and maritime charm, where every day promises a new treasure to discover.

From the moment you arrive at this nautically themed haven, you’ll be greeted by a friendly crew and a captivating atmosphere that transports you to the golden age of piracy. Avast, me hearties!

PirateLand Camping Resort Overview

PirateLand Camping Resort is a swashbuckling adventure for the whole family, located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Step into a world of pirate lore and immerse yourself in a unique camping experience. With its pirate-themed atmosphere, complete with a replica pirate ship, treasure hunts, and costumed staff, PirateLand transports you to a realm of excitement and imagination.

Accommodations and Amenities

PirateLand offers a range of accommodations to suit every adventurer. From spacious RV sites with full hookups to cozy tent sites nestled among the trees, there’s something for every camping style. For those seeking a touch of luxury, the resort features charming cabins with all the comforts of home.Amenities

abound at PirateLand, ensuring a memorable stay. Dive into the refreshing swimming pools, let the kids loose at the playgrounds, or challenge yourself on the mini-golf course. The recreation areas provide ample space for games, picnics, and evening campfires under the stars.

Activities and Entertainment

Prepare for a treasure trove of activities and entertainment at PirateLand. The on-site waterpark boasts thrilling water slides and a splash zone for the little ones. Mini-golf enthusiasts can navigate the challenging course while admiring the pirate-themed obstacles.Scheduled activities and events add to the excitement.

Join in on treasure hunts, pirate parades, and themed parties. Evenings come alive with live music and entertainment, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

Location and Accessibility

PirateLand Camping Resort is conveniently located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, just a stone’s throw away from the beach, attractions, shopping, and dining. The resort’s proximity to Highway 17 makes it easily accessible, whether you’re driving from afar or exploring the local area.

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Pricing and Reservations

PirateLand offers competitive pricing for its accommodations and amenities. RV sites start at $55 per night, tent sites at $35 per night, and cabins at $120 per night. Discounts are available for extended stays and group reservations.Making a reservation is easy.

Visit the resort’s website or call their friendly staff to secure your spot on this pirate paradise.

Reviews and Testimonials, Pirateland camping resort south kings highway myrtle beach sc

PirateLand Camping Resort has earned rave reviews from satisfied guests. “We had an amazing time at PirateLand!” exclaims one reviewer. “The pirate theme was so much fun, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.” Another guest praises the resort’s cleanliness and amenities, saying, “The campground was spotless, and the pools were perfect for cooling off on hot days.”

Last Recap: Pirateland Camping Resort South Kings Highway Myrtle Beach Sc

Pirateland camping resort south kings highway myrtle beach sc

Whether you’re a seasoned buccaneer or a landlubber seeking a taste of adventure, PirateLand Camping Resort offers an unforgettable experience. From its unique accommodations to its thrilling activities and amenities, this resort is a true gem on the South Carolina coast.

So hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare for a voyage filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQ Compilation

What types of accommodations are available at PirateLand Camping Resort?

Ahoy, matey! We offer a range of accommodations to suit every pirate’s needs, from spacious RV sites to cozy tent sites and fully equipped cabins.

What amenities can I expect at the resort?

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Shiver me timbers! We’ve got a treasure trove of amenities, including sparkling swimming pools, adventurous playgrounds, and recreation areas where you can unleash your inner buccaneer.

What activities are available for guests?

Batten down the hatches! We’ve got an array of activities to keep you entertained, including our on-site waterpark, mini-golf course, and scheduled events that will make your stay a truly memorable adventure.