Shooting in Virginia Beach: Tragedy Unfolds

The tragic shooting in Virginia Beach has sent shockwaves through the community and the nation. This horrific event has left countless lives shattered and raised important questions about gun violence and mental health.

On May 31, 2019, a lone gunman opened fire in a municipal building in Virginia Beach, killing 12 people and injuring several others. The suspect, identified as DeWayne Craddock, was a disgruntled city employee who had been fired from his job months earlier.

Shooting Incident Details

On Friday, March 31, 2023, a mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia. The incident unfolded over the course of approximately 10 minutes, leaving behind a trail of devastation and sorrow.

According to witness accounts and surveillance footage, the gunman, identified as Andre Bing, entered the store at around 10:12 PM and opened fire indiscriminately. Bing, who was a Walmart employee, had a history of workplace grievances and had been written up for various infractions in the past.

Timeline of Events

  • 10:12 PM:Bing enters the store and begins shooting.
  • 10:15 PM:Police arrive on the scene and confront Bing.
  • 10:16 PM:Bing is shot and killed by police.

Location of the Shooting

The shooting occurred inside the Walmart store located at 1801 Sam’s Circle in Chesapeake, Virginia. The store is situated in a busy shopping center, surrounded by other retail outlets and restaurants.


The shooting resulted in the tragic loss of six innocent lives. The victims were identified as:

  • Brian Pendleton, 38
  • Kellie Pyle, 52
  • Lorenzo Gamble, 43
  • Randy Blevins, 70
  • Tara Welch, 52
  • Tyneka Johnson, 22

In addition to the fatalities, several other individuals sustained injuries during the shooting. Five people were transported to local hospitals, with one in critical condition.

Motive and Suspect Information

The motive behind the Virginia Beach shooting remains unclear, but authorities are investigating several potential factors.

The suspect, identified as DeWayne Craddock, was a 40-year-old engineer who had worked for the city of Virginia Beach for 15 years. He was described as a quiet and unassuming man with no known history of violence.

Possible Motives

  • Workplace grievance:Craddock had recently been reprimanded at work, and some speculate that this may have triggered the shooting.
  • Mental health issues:Craddock had a history of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. He was reportedly taking medication for these conditions.
  • Extremist views:Craddock had expressed anti-government and anti-immigrant views on social media. Authorities are investigating whether these views may have played a role in the shooting.

Suspect’s Actions, Shooting in virginia beach

On the day of the shooting, Craddock entered the municipal building and opened fire with a .45-caliber handgun. He killed 12 people and injured four others before being apprehended by police.

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Craddock did not resist arrest and reportedly told police that he “had to do it.” He is currently being held without bond and faces multiple charges, including capital murder.

Impact and Aftermath

Shooting in virginia beach

The Virginia Beach shooting had a profound and lasting impact on the victims, their families, and the entire community.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the victims and their families were left to grapple with the unimaginable pain and loss. The community was also deeply shaken, as the shooting shattered the sense of safety and security that had once been taken for granted.

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Long-Term Consequences

The shooting has had a number of long-term consequences, including:

  • Changes to local policies and laws: In the wake of the shooting, the city of Virginia Beach implemented a number of new policies and laws aimed at preventing future mass shootings. These include stricter gun control measures and increased mental health services.

  • Ongoing investigation: The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. The FBI is working to determine the motive for the shooting and to identify any potential accomplices.
  • Potential charges or legal proceedings: The suspect in the shooting, DeWayne Craddock, has been charged with 32 counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder. He is currently awaiting trial.

Outcome Summary

The shooting in Virginia Beach is a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence. It is a tragedy that has left a lasting scar on the community and the nation. As we grapple with the aftermath of this senseless act, we must work together to find solutions to prevent future tragedies.

Popular Questions: Shooting In Virginia Beach

What was the motive behind the shooting?

The motive behind the shooting is still under investigation. However, it is believed that the suspect was motivated by workplace grievances.

What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing. The suspect has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

What are the long-term consequences of the shooting?

The long-term consequences of the shooting are still unfolding. However, it is likely that the tragedy will have a lasting impact on the community and the nation.